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Guitars Used On Our Festival


Guitars Used On Our Festival

Posted By Nick J.

The music, the fun, the opera, the Cambridge music festival, is the epitome of the art – especially for guitarists. Music glitters across the weekend. Crazy strumming, memorable nostalgic performances, bands that just make you want to jump off your feet with their energy, and the guitars – the best guitars that the world can offer, in the best hands that guitars can get into.

Very few people recognize the brands of guitars used at the festival. In fact, some are just ignorant about them, apart from the kind of music they give that is. But we can’t ignore them, can we? In the performances, the following guitars were used.

The list is not exhaustive, however:

1. LX Martins

Ed Sheeran has become a mark of excellence in English singing, and whenever you see Ed, you have to think of this acoustic guitar. His touch on the guitar is synonymous with deep sultry lyrics, a little bass, and the vocals that just force you to sing along.

The Dreadnaught is primarily a travel guitar. Its price is relatively high, and the sound it produces is of the top quality you can find.

For amateur guitarists, this guitar is just precious. It is light, it is good, and it is value for every cent of the money spent on it





In fact, if you really want to learn more about guitars, I suggest reading the article about the most affordable acoustic guitars on the market. Otherwise, just continue reading, as we cover another guitar used on Cambridge Music Festival.


2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

The bands that provide the musical journey at the Cambridge Musical Festival have been hailed as magical electric guitarists. The sound of the strumming pervades the scene like flowers in bloom, each song they belt out a compulsion to their audience to stand up and dance. And right in the middle of all this joy, is this guitar, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard.

World over, Epiphone guitars are revered, for the quality, the ease of use, the seamless designs, and the sound. At the Cambridge festival, only the best of instruments are used, and this is certainly the best there can be found. The projection from this guitar is like a boom, you can feel the shake of every string on the systems, and the music is just the creme de la crème of music. It gets you dancing when it falls into the amiable welcoming hands of an expert guitarist as any of the band members gracing the Cambridge stage.

It needs not be said that guitars are at the heart of every Cambridge musical experience. They are the heartbeats of the music. Sometimes, like this, we need to stop and wonder. What was that guitar again? Probably I should get it for myself!

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Dates for Festival This Year!

Posted By Nick J.

Ah, so exciting! Cambridge Folk Festival is almost here and below you can find dates plus line ups. We hope this year goes as planned and even more people join us!

Credits: CambridgeLiveTrust


Line Up


The Luck

Hot Rock Pilgrims

Dan Bettridge





Kate Griffin and Ford Collier

Meaghan Blanchard

Bennett Wilson Poole

Alice Phelps


Ellie Dixon

Bella Collins

History and Lore



Hazey Jane

Amy & The Calamities


Bella Gaffney & Polly Bolton

Zoe Wren

Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer

Ian George


Jack Parker

Alden, Patterson & Dashwood



The Orange Circus Band


Ferris & Sylvester

August and After

Mera Royle

Fellow Pynins


Sarah Munro


You can buy tickets here: https://www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk/folk-festival/tickets


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Cambridge music festival


We are back!

Posted By Nick J.

As you might’ve noticed, our website was unavailable for a very long time. But we’re back now. We’ll be posting everything related to Cambridge Music Festival, but also other general music news, gear reviews, interviews and more cool things like that. We also accept guest bloggers, so if you’re one of them, don’t hesistate to contact us here.

A little about CamMusic

A couple of years ago, we were featured on BBC and we’re still very proud of this achievement. We hope and plan to get bigger this year, that’s why we invite all writers to submit some of their work for a chance to get featured on CamMusic.


Our Plans

We plan on releasing a lot of content this year, as well as feature some great and hardworking entrepreneurs and do interviews with them.

We’ll also post music gear reviews, which is very new to our team, but we all wanted to start doing it, so why not!


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